Shikhazuri – a socially conscious jewellery brand

We’re all consumers.

For hundreds of years, we’ve been shopping, buying things we like. But today, we shop differently. As consumers, we have become more responsible and our social consciousness leads us towards brands that share our values. Brands like Shikhazuri.

Shikhazuri’s environmentally and socially conscious brand ethos guides where they source their materials from, how their jewellery is made, and the impact it has on people and our planet.

Because beautiful jewellery is about more than just looking good

Cultivating networks

Though reliable sourcing can be challenging, Shikhazuri continually works to build relationships with local traders. This way, Shikhazuri has developed a trusty network of reliable partners.

Local artisans often surprise with even more creative, unique, and eco-friendly products, knowing that Shikhazuri prioritises the use of recycled and upcycled materials. In return, Shikhazuri ensures artisans are fairly compensated and regard them as invaluable business partners.

Empowering women

Shikhazuri has had the pleasure of mentoring women from diverse backgrounds who have been involved in making the jewellery pieces. Shikhazuri encourages them to employ their own artistic direction in developing the designs, which, in turn, nurtures their creativity and ensures that your jewellery is unique. Many of them go on to run their own small businesses as well as make jewellery for Shikhazuri. This gives them the ability to afford better healthcare, nutrition, and education for their families, which ultimately impacts the community at large.

Giving back

As an avid conservationist with a passion for African wildlife, it makes perfect sense to give back to the very beings that inspired Shikhazuri founder, Shikha. Therefore, Shikhazuri donates 5% of their profits from sales of their Simply Zuri collection to support the Mara Predator Conservation. Its main aim is to sustainably conserve lions and cheetahs throughout the Greater Mara ecosystem by working with local communities to determine their current status. To find out more, visit

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