Pichulik’s jewellery designers embrace sustainability

Sustainability is the talk of the town, and it will be far into the future. As socially conscious consumers, we’re beginning to research values as well as designs when we go shopping for beautiful things to wear. We know that by choosing a brand that cares about materials, resources, and people, we can help promote a socially conscious mindset.

Sustainability has many perspectives, though, and to Pichulik, sustainability from a human perspective is especially important..

All Pichulik designs are intentionally handcrafted to build the social equity of their crafters. To promote the development of the local economy, Pichulik designers assemble and showcase the jewellery pieces in their studio in the East City of Cape Town.

Pichulik has several initiatives to honor the human perspective. Among others, they make sure to pay their crafters above market remuneration and investing in their producers and supply chain. They mentor and train team members to grow them into higher-skilled jobs within Pichulik. Health, of course, is also on the agenda. Thus, following strict health and safety procedures and carrying out full medical assessments are of high priority within the company.

To make communication flow, Pichulik engages the services of a Xhosa facilitator to translate internal communication and facilitate dialogue, thereby ensuring equal agency through language and understanding.

Sustainable packaging and recycling

Pichulik dust bags are made from offcuts from their clothing collection. Their tissue paper is Acid-Free, FSC Certified, biodegradable, and recyclable. Furthermore, their description tags are produced in

environmentally friendly paper mills, and brand tags are recyclable. And Pichulik has made sure that their retail partner packaging is compostable.

To minimize waste, Pichulik reuses offcuts and reinvents seasonal misfits. Also, they encourage their local community of loyal customers to refresh their hand wrapped Pichulik pieces by bringing them into the studio to be re-whipped, providing a welcome antidote to fast fashion.

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