Pichulik jewellery is handcrafted in their atelier in Cape Town, South Africa, using unique African contemporary design to celebrate the strength of women around the world. Each piece serves as a totem and talisman. Each piece shares an ancient sacred feminine wisdom.

Pichulik jewellery is distinct in its innovative and sculptural use of rope, embellished with a variety of unique cast and found exotic materials, such as fossilised shapes from Niger, brass and recycled glass from West Africa, recycled glass from Ethiopia, Ghanaian agate and abalone shell. Combined with rare organic materials such as jade, horn, shell and stone, and juxtaposed with intricate beadwork, bronze and brass, each piece is unique. Pichulik intentionally uses materials that change over time, celebrating imperfection and the Japanese concept of ‘wabi-sabi’.

Pichulik sources most of its materials locally, and exclusively manufactures in Cape Town, South Africa.

Pichulik is recognised around the world for its unique jewellery designs. Named ‘Accessory Designer of the Year’,by African Fashion International, and selected as one of Vogue Italia’s top 10 jewellery designers, PICHULIK has been featured in Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, Conde Nast Traveller and L’Officiel México. PICHULIK’s iconic Golden Fold necklace was recognised as one of the Design Indaba’s most beautiful objects.

Behind Pichulik

The Pichulik team is a pan-African group of spirited women who create everything by hand in their flagship studio at the centre of Cape Town’s creative East City Precinct. Led by Founder and Creative Director, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, every jewellery piece is made by a single artist, imbued with her own unique design skill and creative magic.

Pichulik employs women, collaborates with women, and outsources to local women-owned small businesses, to promote job creation and economic activity in local communities, and champion and augment women’s earning capacity.

Whether it’s the Islamic architecture of Mali, the shades of North African garments, combined with gleams of copper and gold, or subdued desert colours emboldened with gold and gemstone, PICHULIK continues to create African jewellery, where urban design, time-honoured craft and Africa’s vibrant colours meet in every necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings.

Pichulik's Designs

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