Introducing the enchanting Ndebele Collection of African jewellery

We are grateful to witness that more and more women all over the world are finding the courage to be who they are. Of course, that courage comes with a desire to self-express when we come together.

But times have changed.

We have willingly given up quite a portion of our personal freedom to keep each other safe. And since masks, virtual meetings, and ‘together apart’ are going to stay for a while, women are looking for ways to be able to self-express, in spite of it all.

Are you one of the many women out there who are searching for fiery colouring, handmade designs, and unique forms?

We’re here to tell you to end your search. Instead, take a peek into a world of stories. The designers behind PICHULIK want to help and encourage you to keep embracing who you are.  


By creating handmade jewellery pieces that make you stand out.

Celebrating women through colourful African jewellery

PICHULIK collections honour the bravery and beauty of all women. Close to the hearts of the talented female designers are the words ‘You Are Enough’, and each piece of PICHULIK jewellery is a reflection of these words.

PICHULIK Ndebele is a collection of unique and handmade African jewellery. Based on a distinctive African design aesthetic, every piece is showcasing explosive colour, striking tribal and geometric motifs, and statement silhouettes.

Ndebele Wrap Necklace Black

PICHULICK designers find inspiration through the study of the dynamic colour combinations and beaded patterns of sub-Saharan African tribal jewellery. Also serving as a source of inspiration are the tactile textile arts of Sheila Hicks.

The distinguishing features of the PICHULIK Ndebele collection are loop-style rope configurations in woven static and dynamic rope, embellished with contrast wrapping and beadwork. This collection is a celebration of colour and statement sculptural form.

If ever there was a treasure chest of feminine power, this is it. And among the exotic jewellery pieces, you will find graceful pendants and captivating bracelets that demand attention. Wear them in any way you want. PICHULIK invites you to once again be free to express who you are.

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