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Shikhazuri Chioniso Designer
Pichulik Chioniso Designer
Soko Chioniso Designer
Nina Bosch

Jewellery for every woman

Are you looking for the perfect gift to pamper a woman, or are you simply looking for a new accessory for yourself? Then you have come to the right place. At Chioniso, we offer jewellery for women of all ages. A piece of jewellery is one of the best gift ideas because you can enjoy it for many years, and therefore there are typically a lot of memories in a single piece of jewellery. There is also no outfit that jewellery does not match, and in that way, it is easy to style your jewellery with all kinds of clothes. For example, you can never go wrong in the city with necklaces for women. A necklace is always a really nice detail for a low-cut shirt, dress or just a plain t-shirt. Many women also like to wear bracelets, which can have many pendants or details with personal significance, which you always have the opportunity to look at. A ring is also a very personal gift, which can have great meaning and adorn any finger. The possibilities are endless, which is why you should take a look at our large selection of jewellery for women.

Focus on the woman

Chioniso showcases women jewellery designers who are committed to supporting the empowerment of women artisans. The concept is built around promoting the visibility of women African jewellery designers on international platforms. Chioniso is passionate about showing the creativity coming out of Africa and uplifting young entrepreneurs. Chioniso is a limited edition selection that embodies Africa’s beauty, colours, nature, and diverse cultures. The designers’ personal stories and the character of each collection inspire these minimalistic pieces designed for the ethically conscious woman. With each piece, I share with you the stories that resonate with me. They are stories of heroines, strength, courage, community, balance, and embracing individuality.

Large selection of handmade jewellery online

At Chioniso, there is a guarantee that you will find exactly the piece of jewellery that you are looking for. We have ensured that there is something for every taste among the large selection, which offers both gold jewellery, jewellery earrings, gold and silver jewellery, silver jewellery, jewellery bracelets, necklaces, rings and much more; no matter what type of accessory you are looking for. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re into silver or gold, there are plenty of options to find just the right piece of jewellery. Regardless of whether you need to treat yourself or someone you care about, a piece of jewellery is always a sure winner, guaranteed to go down well. Not only are these pieces of jewellery fantastic and can be adorned by any woman, but there is also a strong story behind each piece so that you can wear the jewellery with pride and a clear conscience, and so it is jewellery that gets noticed. What all these beautiful accessories have in common is that each piece of jewellery has unique details and a minimalist design, which gives a modern look and can therefore be worn by both young and older women. So you can also acquire two identical pieces of jewellery, so you can match with, for example, your mother or grandmother.

Efficient delivery and service

In addition to our desire to offer African-inspired jewellery, we at Chioniso also have a desire to offer our customers an efficient, reliable and easily accessible service. You can easily find contact information on the website. We always strive to answer all questions and other inquiries as quickly as possible, and we are always honest and helpful. On the website you can also read about our delivery times and prices and where we can deliver to. You can e.g. also read about our rules for payment, return rights and personal data policy. If you have found a product that meets your wishes and needs, all information is within easy reach. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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